Audi and Hyundai Wednesday Update

We apologize for the uncertainty we’re experiencing, but the major roads haven’t opened as we anticipated. We are going to stay open at our Metairie dealerships until 3pm. Those of you who haven’t left home yet should stay there.

Normal business hours will resume Thursday morning, 1/30.

Thanks for your understanding.


Toyota plans to open at 11 AM Wednesday 1/29

Team we plan on opening Toyota of Slidell for 11 tomorrow. If there are conditions that prohibit you from making it at that time please call Rusty or your department head in the morning.

Audi and Hyundai plan to open at 10 AM Wednesday 1/29

We plan on opening at New Orleans Audi and Hyundai of Metairie Wednesday at 10 am.  Those of you who can’t make it to work at your respective dealerships due to road conditions should come to work as soon as conditions permit.

Please contact Van or Brian if you have any questions.

All Dealerships Closed Tuesday 1/28

We plan on remaining closed today.  We’ll send an update later this evening about our plans to open sometime tomorrow.  Call your GM if you have any questions.

Weather Advisory

Our plans are to be closed tomorrow morning, 1/28.  We’ll send an email to all team members at 10 am tomorrow with our plans to open later on Tuesday if weather conditions allow.